it was not all bad

What a year 2020 has been. Just like all of you, we had no idea of the turn 2020 would take. Now that we can look back, we can see that it was not all bad after all. Without any further ado, let's take a retrospective look at the year with some of our favorite images.

The year started with our first ever award ceremonies in 3 distinct events and our very first win as the Ontario Creative Photographer of year at the Ontario Wedding Awards. We photographed an amazing February winter wedding (which we still need to blog!) and we were looking forward to a full wedding season. Little did we know it would be our only wedding of the year. But it left our hearts full as it was amazing!

When the pandemic hit we had no idea what would happen. But we are so lucky to be part of an industry that sticks together and helps each other. We found ways to help our clients as much as we could, moved weddings to 2021, sent champagne on what should have been their big day, and mostly listened to ensure that we heard them. We are so looking forward to this new year and hoping that they will be able to have the wedding they have been waiting for so long now.

Like every small businesses we had to find ways to stay active. We gave away many sessions to front line workers in our area who had been working relentlessly since the beginning of Covid. And to see how this little gesture meant to all of them was the best payout. It's all in the little things right?

As we were not shooting as much as usual we spent more time working on the retouching side of our business. We assisted a lot of colleagues, hired two subcontractors to help us keep it going and deliver contracts on time. With a total of nearly 3,500 images corrected, we ended up stretching ourselves a little too thin and had to scale back our intake, as we were loosing our balance. But as everything else in 2020, it was a year of learning, adjusting and moving forward.

One of the highlight of our year though was welcoming our first grand-daughter, and capturing the last moments of the pregnancy and her first few days amongst us. In a year filled with chaos and uncertainty she brought light, and we are so grateful for that.  

Our children stayed safe and adjusted to the confinements and lockdowns. Just like the rest of us, they are missing the freedom they had before this whole thing started. Same goes with our immediate families, which we long to see in person as we haven't been able to see them since December 2019. But all remained healthy and safe, and that’s what matters most. In hindsight, there was a lot of positive in the madness.

And here we are, wringing in a new year with the hopes that everything will settle down so that we can all go back to some sort of normalcy.  

Thank you dear clients, family, friends and colleagues for your continued support. We wish you all the love and health in the world, and cannot wait to continue our journey of capturing precious moments with you all.

Happy New Year!!!!!!