The Lavignes

Our good friend Joliane reached out to us late last spring to cover the special event she was planning for her parents. She was planning a surprise party to celebrate both their 40th wedding anniversary and her dad's birthday, and we were so on board! Knowing her we knew that it would be a great event, filled with love and laughter.

The event was set up in Joliane's amazing backyard this past August and the weather absolutely perfect. Not too hot, nice little breeze, beautiful sky and of course family and friends that were all in on the secret. Needless to say that the surprise was a complete success!

Capturing this type of family event is always fun. Not only do we get to be part of the process and meet with amazing people, we also get to sample the cake before we go. I mean, we love cake! Yep, it's not hard to bribe us, just say cake and we are there lolll. Here are a few of our favorites from the day!