katherine & Max

Last year we finished our wedding season with Katherine and Max, and it was the perfect ending to a beautiful season. I mean, an intimate wedding on a private property with amazing people, you can't go wrong with that! We met them at one of our regular coffee houses in Ottawa about 6 months before their wedding and we fell in love with this sweet couple. I know, we are saying it again, but get use to it, our couples are always the best and we can't help loving them all to bits!

We always get excited to learn about our couples' wedding plans and vision. It may be the romantic in us, but we have a sweet spot for intimate I do's. And when Katherine told us they were planning their wedding on her parents property we were super excited. Plus their puppy dog was to be involved, so you can believe that we were hoping they would see us as the best fit for them.

Over the months we touched base a few times to see how things were going, and we were looking forward to their September big day. The moment we arrived at Katherine's parents our jaw dropped. The garden was absolutely stunning and it was the perfect setting for such an intimate event. Luxurious and lush greens, seasonal flowers, woods and lake access all in one spot. It was PERFECT!

We leave you on our selection of the day's favorites. Enjoy!