Winter Wonderland Wedding

Jen and Annie used to be co-workers, and so did Jen's maid of honour Véronique. When Véronique got married a few years back, we were so lucky to be part of her big day, and we were so excited to get to spend time with her again at Jen & Dan's wedding. I mean, when you already know that the people you will be working for are amazing, only good times can ensue!

We invited Jen & Dan for dinner at home prior to the wedding to discuss where they were in their planning and get ready to work on the final timeline of the day. We will never say it enough, but we love having our couples over to discuss everything wedding in a cozy atmosphere. Now with the mean C-19 around it prevents us from establishing that close rapport with our clients, but we manage to at least meet in person over web drinks.

The setup for this wedding worked out perfectly. As it was Annie's birthday weekend as well, we made a staycation out of it and it allowed us to capture some of the wedding details the day before, without time restrictions. I mean that was so much fun to be able to take our time and be extra creative so that we wouldn't have to worry about time restrictions the day of the wedding. We even got a nice romantic birthday dinner on the eve of the wedding, and got to enjoy ourselves as well. I think we should do this for every wedding lolll.

February 20th, 2020 was the big day, and the weather was so mild, sunny and perfect. Little did we know at that time that it would be our only 2020 wedding, however we had a blast spending time with them. Their families and friends were so welcoming and not afraid to let loose and have fun. And fun is not an understatement. I don't think we ever had a wedding where people danced so hard! You know the type of carefree, happy dancing that the people who rented the room below complain because it disturbs their event a little... Yeah, that type of enthusiasm, and it was absolute perfection.

It was very difficult to choose our favorite images for this wedding, as there are so many images to choose from. But for the sake of not overwhelming you with 800 images, here is their beautiful day, in a nutshell! We hope you will enjoy them as much as we did creating them!