Santina & Mark

The minute we met with Santina and Mark we knew they were our kind of people. It felt like we had been friends for years. We met over coffee in Ottawa and talked about everything, but mostly about their upcoming wedding that was about 5 weeks away. But these two had it all under control.

We did their engagement session 2 weeks before the wedding, on the grounds surrounding the Tropical Greenhouse. It was a mild May afternoon, mostly overcast like we like them, but with some blue peaking through at times. Don't get us wrong, we love beautiful clear skies, but when we shoot outdoor we much prefer the even light overcast skies provide us. Everything seems to pop, nothing is washed out, we get excited about cloudy skies loll.

They brought along their sweet shy pup, because we never say no to clients bringing their pets! We could have skipped the session being that we were so close to the wedding, but for us it is very important to take the time to do them. It allows us to know our couples a little more, establish that trust and connection that is key and mostly make our clients feel at ease in front of our cameras. We had so much fun during this session, it made us super excited for their wedding. More so that it was going to be our first time at the beautiful Stonefields Estate. You will have to stay tuned for their wedding post, because it was absolutely breathtaking! For now, you can enjoy a few of our favorites from their e-session!